Student Welfare

Student Welfare

The Health and Wellbeing of all students at STANLEY College is of paramount importance. Therefore we strongly advise that you adhere to the following advice for the duration of your time at Stanley College London.

Before leaving Home
If you have a significant health problem and/or require regular medication it would be helpful if you bring a letter from your doctor back home explaining your diagnosis and treatment. Some medications may not be available in the UK or difficult to get at short notice, so ensure you bring adequate supplies for at least a month of treatment. Try to have the necessary immunisation for the UK (Tetanus Diphtheria Polio Tuberculosis (BCG)). Anyone who comes to the UK to pursue a full-time course of study of not less than six months’ duration, or a course of study that is of any duration but is substantially funded by the UK Government, or are an EU student will be fully entitled to free NHS hospital treatment in England.

Check if you are entitled to use the NHS:
If you do not fall into this category, make sure you have appropriate health insurance before you leave home.

When you arrive in the UK
Register with a National Health Service (NHS) Doctor (GP) as soon as possible by visiting their surgery (office). This is the way to access all NHS care. Every doctor’s practice should have a leaflet which will tell you the surgery hours and types of services offered – e.g. contraception, smears, travel clinics, etc.

Choose a doctor within walking distance and find out their opening times, either visit or phone to check if they will take you on as a patient. If you are accepted, at the surgery you will be asked for your name, address, date of birth and for your medical card (if you have one).

The British Council and UKCOSA – The Council for International Education Guidance offer guidance to International students. Please consult their websites for the latest information regarding the Health and Wellbeing of International Students.

British Council:


For all other services offered by the NHS, e.g. dentists, opticians; please visit the NHS Service Directory:

Overseas Visitors Records Office registration
If you are from one of the following countries you may be required to register with the Overseas Visitors Records Office. Your entry clearance (the stamp put in your passport when you arrive in the UK) will state whether or not you have to register with the Overseas Visitors Records Office (180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LK, telephone +(44) (0)20 7230 1208, Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1630). When registering you will be charged a registration fee (currently £34), and must take your passport and one photograph of yourself. Your student adviser at your place of study will explain, if necessary, how to register. Each time you change your address, status, or extend your permission to be in the UK you must renew your police registration. There is no charge unless you have lost your original registration document.

Afghanistan – Algeria – Argentina – Armenia – Azerbaijan – Bahrain – Belarus – Bolivia – Brazil – China – Colombia – Cuba – Egypt – Georgia – Iran – Iraq – Israel – Jordan – Kazakhstan – Kuwait – Kyrgyzstan – Lebanon – Libya – Moldova – Morocco – North Korea – Oman – Palestine – Peru – Qatar – Russia – Saudi Arabia – Sudan – Syria – Tajikistan – Tunisia – Turkey – Turkmenistan – United Arab Emirates – Ukraine – Uzbekistan – Yemen.

Please see the UK Home Office website for more information:

If you are planning on studying in the UK for less than 6 months or wish to seek Private Medical Care, it is advised that you arrange Health Insurance. It is also advised that you insure your luggage, money and personal belongings (e.g. mobile phone, camera, mp3 player).

Opening a bank account
In order to open a bank account in the UK you will need to provide evidence of your identity and date of birth (e.g. your passport), your student status (e.g. student card, what course you are studying, and the duration of your course) and your residential address in the UK. Once you have enrolled at College, we will give you an introduction letter to whichever bank you choose, which confirms your course details and address. There are a number of banks within walking distance of our college premises including Barclays, HSBC, Netwest & Lloyds Bank etc.

International students normally need to be physically in the UK before you can open a bank account so please make sure that you have enough money, (either a credit card, travellers cheques or an overseas account) until you are able to open your UK account.

Student health
Studying full time at SCL UK, you will qualify for NHS (National Health Service) treatment from the beginning of your stay on the same basis as anyone who is ordinarily resident in the UK. The NHS is the UK’s state health service which provides treatment for UK residents through a wide range of health care services.

The College will be happy to help students to register with their local General Practitioner (GP) and will assist you in making appointments with a doctor or a dentist if you need treatment during your stay.

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